Features Internet Radio

The popularity and benefits of internet radio

Brief history of internet radio

It was in the year 1994 on November 10 that the first live broadcast took place and this was by a space rock group known as Sky Cries Mary and done by Paul’s Allen’s. Soon after people start to know about this type of radio, it started to get immediate attention and in the year 1996, the first American internet radio station was started by Edward Lyman and was known as This station was given the license to broadcast live and that too for 24 hours a day. With further technological advancement and with the rapid increase in the number of internet users, the quality of the streaming improved substantially, especially during the 2000’s.

What is an internet radio?

There are different names used when talking about internet radio such as web radio, net radio and streaming radio etc. This means that people can easily get to hear their favorite music and receive important news updates through streaming that is done on internet and this is basically known as webcasting. An important feature of this radio is that if the streaming media is used, people can get to listen to music without any pause. Also, this type of music cannot be replayed and thus a person can enjoy listening to the music which is played through internet radio without any hindrance.

Popularity of the internet radio

With the passage of time, the popularity of internet radio has increased and still continues to increase as the people using internet are also increasing at a rapid pace. This huge demand in the users of internet radio could be seen from the fact that in the year 2003, the revenue that was generated through it was around US $49 million, which increased to US $500 million after three years. Also, the number of people using internet radio in America alone increased from a total of 11% to 13% from 2007 to 2008. There is no age limit to the people who listen to the internet radio, as it is accessible to everyone, no matter on which area of the globe the person is located. This ease of use is also one factor that has caused its popularity to increase.

Examples of some famous internet radio stations

Some of the famous internet radio stations include Energy FM, Amazing Smooth and Jazz,, 106 Coast FM Tenerife, Gold FM radio, Dubthugz Radio and various others. People can easily search for their favorite radio stations that are available on the internet in order to listen to the latest and best music hits that they wish to listen to. People can also search the stations according to the music that they wish to listen to. Some of the stations might focus upon specific types of genres where others might focus on other types. With so much variety and ease of accessibility, it is not a problem for the person to come across the internet radio station that he or she wants to listen to.

Office Supply & Equipments

Office Machines you cannot live without

The office equipment is crucial in an office because it is able to help you with many things. Let`s not forget that we are living in the millennium of developed information technology that is considered as being a great advantage for all of us, in a way or another. You need to have all the machines in your office, so you will not be bounded to run from a place to another with different problems. If you have all the necessary machines in your office, you are having the possibility to resolve all necessary things in time at your office, without needing to leave for many issues.

We have the list of the most important office equipment you can`t live without:

  • Multimedia projectors
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Shredders
  • Fax machines
  • Copiers
  • Calculators
  • Voice recorders
  • Electronic dictionaries and translators
  • Typewriters

Let`s see how can each of these machines help you in your office.

  1. Multimedia projectors

When you are holding an important meeting with your colleagues in your office, if you make Power Point or other types of presentations and use the projector for these, the meeting will have its importance, sense and efficiency. In conclusion, the multimedia projector is really important office equipment.

  1. Printers

Printers have their role in having all the necessary documents of an office in your hands. You sometimes find it hard to read everything on the screen of your computer or online. Thus, a printer is essential for printing everything that you need more times to have in your hand, without needing to search for it on your computer any more, between so many documents.

  1. Scanners

If you need to send anything to somebody in electronic format, but you have it physically, use a professional scanner to scan every important document that you need to have on your computer. The scanner is an office equipment that simply can`t miss!

  1. Shredders

A lot of people “wear” a new trend nowadays and this trend is called stealing your personal information. A paper shredder is essential for your office when you need to completely destroy papers that you don`t need any more but contain important information that relate to your company and are the secrets of your business.

  1. Fax machines

People send numerous faxes each day from offices. A fax machine is essential and crucially needed to be able to send faxes to clients and other companies. Thus, the fax machine is another highly needed machine.

  1. Copiers

Copiers can be perceived in the similar way with fax machines. Do you need to multiply certain papers, documents or contracts? This is why copiers were invented. You can choose between black and white and colored copiers (when you want colored copy of the original colored document).

  1. Calculators

Calculations are executed each day in offices. Thus, you will also need calculators for financial values. Because we have our offices for earning money, we talk about money every day. Thus, the calculator is the next crucial office machine.

  1. Voice recorders

When you need to leave your office for a couple of hours, set up your voice recorder to receive all important messages from others.

  1. Electronic dictionaries and translators

You might get in touch with foreign companies and you don`t understand their language. For fast translations, electronic dictionaries and translators are essential.

  1. Typewriters

When you need to write something but don`t want to write it on your computer, so you don`t spend your time with printing, typewriters are helpful. Good luck!

The conclusion is that each office machine has its importance and role in your effective working style.

Features Technology

Technologies used for a two way Radio

What is a two-way radio?

A two-way radio is a device that provides an opportunity for two people or parties to communicate with each other if they have the same radios with similar frequencies. It is different from other radios such as the broadcasting one because in a broadcasting radio, a person can only receive the content through this radio but is unable to transmit and data or information through it. The best example of a two way radio can be that of a walkie-talkie as a person can easily communicate with the other person by this hand held device if they are present at a distance from each other. Even though this has facilitated the level of communication in many ways but still there are some factors which might even hinder the performance of this radio and thus the person should be aware of them and the technology used so that they could understand more about it.

Analog vs. digital technology used in a two-way radio

Even though the type of technology used in a two way radio is still evolving but there were different types of technologies that had been used in it. For example, when comparing the analog vs. digital technology, it can be said that the analog technology facilitated communication with air traffic controllers and control towers, and as compared to digital technology; it is much simple in nature. Even when the signals are weak or cracking, this technology still increases the efficiency of communication. On the other hand, as only one communication can take place through it, it might create problems for people as well. Digital technology can allow various communications to take place simultaneously but they are costly and complicated in nature even though they are more effective than analog technology bases two way radios.

Simplex vs. Duplex two way radios

Simplex two-way radios only use a single channel to communicate whereas Duplex uses more than one channel. Even though the simplex radio facilitates effective communication and is simple to make use of, it can only be used to communicate over short distances. On the other hand, duplex two way radios can be used to allow communication to take place over large distances but they require a presence of a base station for the communication to take place otherwise it would not work.

Engineered vs. Not-engineered two way radios

Another technology used in the two way radios are engineered vs. not-engineered technology. The engineered two-way radios are the ones, which include the mobile system, and it is ensured that the system is able to match a specific standard so that communication could take place in an effective manner. Models are used to determine the extent to which the signals would flow successfully. On the other hand, the not-engineered two-way radios do not have any standard to meet and even though they are not designed in a professional manner, they may still be able to perform as effectively as any other two-way radio.


How to Choose a Two-way radio for your Business

Just as the name suggests, a two-way radio is a device that does not only allow them to receive the signals and information but also provides them with an opportunity to send information or data through this radio as well. It is different from the broadcast radio due to this particular feature because even though because even though a broadcast radio received information but it unable to transmit signals and information back. Hence, a person can have effective communication through the two-way radio until and unless this radio is similar to that being used by the other person or party. Moreover, the frequency needs to be the same too in order to convey the message successfully through the two-way radio. When these radios are hand-held in nature, they are then known as walkie-talkie and could be used for conveying important message immediately.

Features of two-way radios used by businesses

The most basic features of a business two-way radio is that it is relatively expensive as compared to the one being used by consumers. Even though the characteristics of both business and consumer radios are mostly similar to each other. The two-way business radios on the other hand are more durable in nature even though they are used frequently and include military specifications as well. The battery life of the two-way radio for business is slightly higher than that of the radio for consumers. The batteries are rechargeable in nature but as consumer radio is mostly used for special occasions, it has a battery life of around 8 hours whereas the average battery life of this business two-way radio is around 12 hours.

What are some of the famous types of businesses that may use the two-way radios?

Because a two-way radio can be very crucial in some businesses, it is important for the people to be aware of the fact that they should be careful in selecting one. In this way they can not only improve their performance but get better results in the long run as well. Some of the businesses that require two-way radios include retail stores, restaurants, airports, construction sites, mining and quarrying, agriculture, forestry and fishing, shopping mall security, hotel, casinos, resorts, medical and dental clinics or hospitals, college and universities, public safety agencies such as police department, fire department etc.

What are some of the main factors that people should look for when choosing the radio for their business?

There are four basic elements to consider in choosing the right radio for your job:

It is important for people to choose their business two-way radio by analyzing some important factors. The first one is the frequency that they want their radio to have i.e. whether they want VHF or UHF. VHF is much stronger than UHF as they travel long distance and are best for outdoor work because the signals cannot go through walls effectively. However, UHF is best when people need to communicate indoors. Similarly, the channel and power of the two-way radio for the business would also play a crucial role and thus people should take into account all these important factors before choosing the best radio for their business.


Is radio advertising right for you?

Brief introduction of radio

Radio was invented at a time when there were various other technological innovations that were taking place. Most of them were related to communication system and aimed to improve it by coming up with concepts that can facilitate people to communicate with each other in simple and easy manner. Hence, it can be said that the invention of radio is also closely linked to that of discovery of telegraphy as well. Initially, radio was mostly used to communicate with large and small ships so that in case of any emergency, immediate help could be provided to them. With the passage of time however, as further improvements started to take place, radio was also started being used for other purposes as well. Even though people might feel that the presence of strong competitors such as mobile phones and internet might have curb the growth of radio but studies show that radio is still very popular amongst people of all kind and ages.

Why do people make use of radio?

Radio is now being used for various purposes. On one hand, a two-way radio allows people to give out and receive back messages and thus easily communicating with the other person or party. On the other hand, radio is also used as a source of entertainment and thus people can listen to all the latest songs that have come up while they are driving or even in their free time. Radio is included as an important component in mobile phones as well and these days, satellite radios and internet radios are available for people. This has proved to be advantageous for people and thus apart from conveying messages and providing entertainment to people, they can be used to make people aware of different products and services through radio advertisement.

When and how is radio advertisement right for the person?

The best feature of radio advertisement is the relatively low cost which is associated with it. In order to get a radio spot, the company needs to invest relatively smaller amount as compared to the amount used to get a television spot. In this way, they can compete easily with those companies that are larger and competitive in nature. The success of the advertisement depends on the content and the quality of the advertisement being done through the radio. As long as it is perfect in all factors, the ad can definitely attract many customers through radio.

Important tips to make radio advertisement successful

As advertisement through radio only include the audio component and not visual, people need to take into account this factor when creating their ads. The voice should be clear and slow so that people can understand and comprehend the ad. The name of the company or the product being advertised should be repeated at least thrice and if humor, music or jingles are added, they are also a plus point for the advertisement.

Channel History Program

10 Most Listened Radio Programs of Malaysia

Benefits of radio

Radio was invented over a century ago but even now, with so many other alternatives available and the spike in the level of competition, radio is something, which is still in demand all around the world. The rise in the demand could be associated with various factors. Despite the fact that people cannot get to see the visual content through this device but there are several programs and broadcasts which take place and attracts several people from different regions. The initial purpose of the radio was to ensure that the communication could be improved and enhanced but in today’s world, apart from providing useful information to people, it also allows them to get thoroughly entertained whenever they have leisure time available. Also, as most of the mobiles these days have a radio as a compulsory component; this has also allowed its demand to remain relatively stable. Whenever people get tired of listening to the same songs that they have, they can easily switch to radio programs to get hold of new and latest songs available.

Demand of radio programs in Malaysia

Malaysia is also one country where a large segment of the population still listens to radio. Through a recent study that had taken place, it was found that out of the ten people who were questioned, there were around nine of them who still listen to radio within a week. Another interesting phenomenon to note is that people who were questioned were not only adults but included children of ten years old as well. This shows that the demand for radio programs in Malaysia is not confined to a certain age group but there are people belonging to different age brackets who listen to these radio programs.

What are some of the most famous radio programs in Malaysia?

When discussing the popularity of radio programs listened by people in Malaysia, it is also important to throw some light on some of the most famous radio programs that are currently popular. Some examples of these radio programs include Hitz FM, Lite FM, Fly FM, Mix FM, Red 104.9, Capital FM, One FM, Hot FM, Era FM and Best 104. If people wish to listen some of the most amazing latest and old hits, they should definitely go through the ten radio programs that are popular in Malaysia. In this way, not only would they be able to know about the new and famous songs that have currently been released but they can also get entertained while going to work or coming back and even spend some quality time when they are free doing nothing.

What affects demand for these programs?

Malaysia is one country where the population that lives here can be divided into three large segments. Apart from Malaysian people, there are Chinese and Indians who are also present in large number. Due to the language, cultural and religious differences, there might be variations in the demand of these radio programs due to this factor.


Costs of Radio Advertising

Uses of radio

Radio was a device that was created more than hundred years ago; but even now, it is as important to facilitate communication as it was at that time. It was developed at a time where people were finding out ways to improve the different ways through which communication takes place. Even though in today’s world, people can easily communicate with each other through mobile phones and internet but there are various other purposes for which a radio could be used. Initially, radios were used to communicate with ships so that in case of any emergency, immediate help could be provided to the people aboard to reduce the extent of loss. These days, radios can be a source of entertainment for people as they can listen to their favorite songs, dramas and humorous plays through this device. This is why businesses and companies also find this to be a great opportunity to attract people by advertising about their products through radios.

Important points to consider regarding radio advertisement

There are several advantages as far as radio is used for the purpose of advertisement. Firstly, as people only get to hear the audio content of the advertisement and not the visual one, the ad should be effective enough to portray the complete picture and information about the product that they wish to promote. People listening to the ad should be able to create a picture in their mind once they listen to the ad and thus they should also be able to recognize the product once they get to see it in the market, even if they had not seen it before.

The company may also make use of interesting music and even try to add humor if they are sure that the humor would work for the advertisement. Because advertisements have limited time to give out their complete information and idea to potential customers, companies should use this time in the most effective manner that they could plan about. Using simple words and language is always the best way to attract people rather than complicated words that might end up confusing people rather than enlightening them about a specific product.

Is radio advertisement costly in nature?

When compared to the advertisement being made through television, it can be said that the radio advertisement is several times cheaper in nature. Thus, the company that is making use of this type of advertisement would definitely gain benefits, provided their ad has good quality. Both large and small companies compete on the same level through radio thus they do not have to worry about the extent of competition as long as the ad has all the necessary factors that could make it successful within the audience.

Other factors affecting costs

Even if the advertisement is cheaper through radio but if the company or person takes into account further factors, the cost could be reduced further. For example, a budget can be decided beforehand so that it can be checked that the expenses for advertisement could be carried out within this range.


Buying a Two Way Radio

Importance of two-way radios

Two-way radios can be very helpful for people who wish to communicate effectively with each other by being at a distance from one another. Even though people can use mobile phones for this purpose as well but in some cases, there might not be sufficient signals to allow people to communicate in an effective manner and thus people would definitely benefit from a two-way radio in such cases. A two-way radio allows people not only to receive any content but also allows them to transmit their messages to the other person who has the radio. The only thing that people should take into consideration is that the two radios that the people are using to communicate with each other should be similar in nature and features and have same range of frequency as well. Otherwise, it would not be easy or possible to communicate easily and effectively.

What are the important features that people should consider when buying the two-way radio?

Several important features people should take into account when they want buy the two-way radio to use it in the most effective manner. Some of these features include the battery life of the radios because this is the most important factor that people mostly want to know about. Other features include the FRS or UHF of the radio, the size, display screen, range, lock feature, weather radio, call feature, privacy codes and channels that are included in the radio. Because some radios might not have all these features and even if they have them, they might differ from the other in terms of the range, quality and size. Thus, a person should select the one that they find to be most suitable to them.

How can the performance of the two-way radio be affected?

There are also some factors, which may positively or negatively affect the performance of the two-way radio and the communication that takes place through it. For example, when people might try to use the radio at hills, canyons and other areas where the topography is rugged in nature, it might hinder the communication as well. Similarly, bad weather and electromagnetic interference through lightening also affects communication through two-way radio in a negative manner and a good weather is a plus point for such communication. When a person might be present in dense areas such as a thick forest, there can be hindrances in communication and similarly, if communication takes place from within a vehicle instead of from an open area, the communication would not be effective.

What are the different types of two-way radios that people can buy?

When buying the two-way radio, a person should also be aware of the uses of these radios. For example, if they wish to use the radio in their business, they would require a business two-way radio. This will facilitate communication within a business premises. On the other hand, there are different types available as well such as FRS GMRS and Hybrid two-way radio. Thus, a person can go through their features and purchase them accordingly.