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Technologies used for a two way Radio

What is a two-way radio?

A two-way radio is a device that provides an opportunity for two people or parties to communicate with each other if they have the same radios with similar frequencies. It is different from other radios such as the broadcasting one because in a broadcasting radio, a person can only receive the content through this radio but is unable to transmit and data or information through it. The best example of a two way radio can be that of a walkie-talkie as a person can easily communicate with the other person by this hand held device if they are present at a distance from each other. Even though this has facilitated the level of communication in many ways but still there are some factors which might even hinder the performance of this radio and thus the person should be aware of them and the technology used so that they could understand more about it.

Analog vs. digital technology used in a two-way radio

Even though the type of technology used in a two way radio is still evolving but there were different types of technologies that had been used in it. For example, when comparing the analog vs. digital technology, it can be said that the analog technology facilitated communication with air traffic controllers and control towers, and as compared to digital technology; it is much simple in nature. Even when the signals are weak or cracking, this technology still increases the efficiency of communication. On the other hand, as only one communication can take place through it, it might create problems for people as well. Digital technology can allow various communications to take place simultaneously but they are costly and complicated in nature even though they are more effective than analog technology bases two way radios.

Simplex vs. Duplex two way radios

Simplex two-way radios only use a single channel to communicate whereas Duplex uses more than one channel. Even though the simplex radio facilitates effective communication and is simple to make use of, it can only be used to communicate over short distances. On the other hand, duplex two way radios can be used to allow communication to take place over large distances but they require a presence of a base station for the communication to take place otherwise it would not work.

Engineered vs. Not-engineered two way radios

Another technology used in the two way radios are engineered vs. not-engineered technology. The engineered two-way radios are the ones, which include the mobile system, and it is ensured that the system is able to match a specific standard so that communication could take place in an effective manner. Models are used to determine the extent to which the signals would flow successfully. On the other hand, the not-engineered two-way radios do not have any standard to meet and even though they are not designed in a professional manner, they may still be able to perform as effectively as any other two-way radio.