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The popularity and benefits of internet radio

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Brief history of internet radio
It was in the year 1994 on November 10 that the first live broadcast took place and this was by a space rock group known as Sky Cries Mary and done by Paul’s Allen’s. Soon after people start to know about this type of radio, it started to get immediate attention and in the year 1996, the first American internet radio station was started by Edward Lyman and was known as This station was given the license to broadcast live and that too for 24 hours a day. With further technological advancement and with the rapid increase in the number of internet users, the quality of the streaming improved substantially, especially during the 2000’s.
What is an internet radio?
There are different names used when talking about internet radio such as web radio, net radio and streaming radio etc. This means that people can easily get to hear their favorite music and receive important news updates through streaming that is done on internet and this is basically known as webcasting. An important feature of this radio is that if the streaming media is used, people can get to listen to music without any pause. Also, this type of music cannot be replayed and thus a person can enjoy listening to the music which is played through internet radio without any hindrance.
Popularity of the internet radio
With the passage of time, the popularity of internet radio has increased and still continues to increase as the people using internet are …

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Office Machines you cannot live without

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The office equipment is crucial in an office because it is able to help you with many things. Let`s not forget that we are living in the millennium of developed information technology that is considered as being a great advantage for all of us, in a way or another. You need to have all the machines in your office, so you will not be bounded to run from a place to another with different problems. If you have all the necessary machines in your office, you are having the possibility to resolve all necessary things in time at your office, without needing to leave for many issues.
We have the list of the most important office equipment you can`t live without:

Multimedia projectors
Fax machines
Voice recorders
Electronic dictionaries and translators

Let`s see how can each of these machines help you in your office.

Multimedia projectors

When you are holding an important meeting with your colleagues in your office, if you make Power Point or other types of presentations and use the projector for these, the meeting will have its importance, sense and efficiency. In conclusion, the multimedia projector is really important office equipment.


Printers have their role in having all the necessary documents of an office in your hands. You sometimes find it hard to read everything on the screen of your computer or online. Thus, a printer is essential for printing everything that you need more times to have in your hand, without needing to search for it on your computer any more, between so many …

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