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10 Most Listened Radio Programs of Malaysia

Posted on June 18th, 2009,No Comments

Benefits of radio
Radio was invented over a century ago but even now, with so many other alternatives available and the spike in the level of competition, radio is something, which is still in demand all around the world. The rise in the demand could be associated with various factors. Despite the fact that people cannot get to see the visual content through this device but there are several programs and broadcasts which take place and attracts several people from different regions. The initial purpose of the radio was to ensure that the communication could be improved and enhanced but in today’s world, apart from providing useful information to people, it also allows them to get thoroughly entertained whenever they have leisure time available. Also, as most of the mobiles these days have a radio as a compulsory component; this has also allowed its demand to remain relatively stable. Whenever people get tired of listening to the same songs that they have, they can easily switch to radio programs to get hold of new and latest songs available.
Demand of radio programs in Malaysia
Malaysia is also one country where a large segment of the population still listens to radio. Through a recent study that had taken place, it was found that out of the ten people who were questioned, there were around nine of them who still listen to radio within a week. Another interesting phenomenon to note is that people who were questioned were not only adults but included children of …

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