Two Way Radio

Brief introduction and history of a two-way radio

Initially, it was found that the messages could be exchanged successfully and wirelessly if the transmitters and receivers were present at the same location and this was mostly used in ships where people used to carry both receivers and transmitters to communicate effectively. It was in the year 1923 however, that the first real two-way radio was developed in Australia. Once these radios were installed in aircraft, it removed the need to drop messages that could be collected by troops below.

In 1933, the two-way radio was also incorporated in the police department and thus the performance of police improved substantially as they were able to reach to any emergency at a quicker pace than before. History also reveals the use of two-way radio by both the Nazis and Allies during the Second World War. As the growth and development increase over time, the performance of this radio also started to improve as a result and now communication can take place through them over longer distances easily.

Advantages of using a two-way radio by businesses

Even business have benefited a lot by using the two-way radio for communication within their business premises. In this way, they can communicate effectively with all their personnel and employees and the messages conveyed can improve their performance. As the communication between the employees and the management improves due to this device, it also has s direct and a positive impact on the customer satisfaction levels. Even though people may use mobile services for this factor as well but using a two-way radio is much cheaper and effective and could be used by a simple push of button. As the level of productivity increases overall, it allows the company to face less operating cost and thus allow them to get a higher return and a substantial increase in their level of profits.

Important advantages of all types of two-way radios

The main advantages of using a two way radio is also that people can communicate easily with each other over long distances. Hence, apart from being used in businesses, people can also make use of the two-way radios for other uses as well. Police department, fire department, primary sector including fishing, mining and quarrying and even schools and universities are some of the places and sectors where two way radios can prove to be very advantageous for people.

Durability of the two way radios

The long durability of the two-way radio is also another advantage of making use of it. People can make use of this radio for several years without facing any issue or worrying about the cost of maintenance associated with them. Apart from the device, there are various accessories also available for this radio and even though the average life for the two way radio is five to seven years, the accessories can easily be replaced after two or three years.

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